Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Russia Posts

Okay… so apparently this blogging site isn’t great in terms of getting access to older posts… so I’m posting a post with chronological links to my Russia posts… instead of writing my lectures.  There is just so much efficiency here, I could scream.

  1. Learning Russian
  2. Packing
  3. Starting to Begin
  4. Looks Like We Made It
  5. Ya Chaika
  6. Saturday
  7. Russian Doppelgangers
  8. Drinking Out of a Fire Hydrant
  9. Our First Full Week - GO!
  10. Just Another Manic Tuesday
  11. Be the Shoelace
  12. Technical Difficulties
  13. Read Your Tickets Well
  14. Die Dreigroschenoper
  15. The Cow Says
  16. Russia Day
  17. Panda Porn
  18. Now is the Winter of Something Russian
  19. My Russian Dreamboat
  20. Russian Dumpling
  21. Bears on Unicycles
  22. Stanislavsky and the Bolshoi
  23. Long Arm Tourist Photos
  24. Chekhov Fail
  25. Ya Chaika...For Realsies
  26. Clever Blog Title Here
  27. Beginning of the End
  28. St. Petersburg
  29. Canada Day
  30. The Master and Margarita
  31. Last Day
I did that all in my own HTML… so hopefully all the links work.  Anyway, if you’re interested… there they are.  I wanna go back.  Perhaps if I put on a kerchief and click the heels of my fuzzy boots together three times muttering "Никакое место как Москва" (There’s no place like Moscow)…