Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

Well, it seems that another year has ended, starting a whole new one, that will pass just as quickly as the last.  It's like it's a cycle or something.  And I'm looking ahead at a GIANT year.  So far I have a guest director slot at Southwest Minnesota State University (directing Dead Man's Cell Phone...again) in January and February (the best time to be in Minnesota, for sure); then I'm presenting two papers (that I also have to write) at the Mid-American Theatre Conference in Cleveland in March; this will be followed by presenting a paper at the Comparative Drama Conference in Baltimore in April; then I'll be back to Moscow for one last June; July has Brian's friend's wedding in California and my friend's wedding in New York; then the final week has not one, but TWO conferences to which I have submitted proposals: one in Scottsdale, AZ and one in Warwick, England.  During all of this, I'm searching for jobs and writing my dissertation, which does need to be in pretty close to done state by, oh, let's say Halloween...maybe Thanksgiving.

I think I'm going to throw up.

But because things are moving so fast, and are going to be so overwhelmingly busy, I think I'm going to make an effort to keep better records of my thoughts and experiences as they zoom by at breakneck speed... which means I'm going to try to keep up with my blog a bit more. I used to really like blogging.  And maybe getting myself on a regular trajectory of writing here will help me in writing the 3-5 conference papers (so far) and that pesky dissertation.

So here we go.  Not so much a resolution as just a, "hey... here's something that might help my brain."


Or don't.


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  1. A good friend always helps out in times of stress. You do all the boring and hard stuff and I'll go to Moscow and England to make your excuses. What do you like, stomach-ache? incarceration? witness protection plan? How about all three? I think the Russians will go for it but the Brits will be skeptical. It's okay, I'll just pretend I don't understand English....I think I can make that believable.