Sunday, May 17, 2015

Not Game of Thrones

Even though I may or may not have spent six hours watching Game of Thrones today, I also managed to come up with some time to read play #116: a sort or boring historical piece; and #117: a charming little family drama - easy on the schmaltz. Then there was #118: a family drama about which I had a little hope early on, but its too pat and, frankly, insensitive resolution made me pan it pretty hard. Reading as many new plays as I have in my life, I can usually feel when a play is probably autobiographical... and I can almost always tell when that autobiographical story is intended to argue an unpopular position as being reasonable. Perhaps it's unfair of me to pan a mediocre play for its clashing with my own ideology... but I guess that's what the "wild card" rating category is for. Then there's #119: a sort of interesting - if a little ham-handed at times - historical crime piece.

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