Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sadness on the Interweb

So... it seems that my old standby blogging platform is going away.  I have received no notice of this, but the blog for The Distracted Globe has disappeared some time in the last couple of weeks, and I fear that my personal blog is not far behind.  So... here I am on blogger, trying to figure it out.  It's much less customizable at first blush, but I'm playing around, seeing what there is to see, and I figure google's not going to be folding any time soon, so it's probably a pretty safe place to house my summer meanderings.  Of course, someone else already had my old blog title (Self Indulgent Ramblings), so I came up with this one... which I don't really like... but we'll see if it grows on me.  But now that I'm done whining about my new blog, I should probably go pack for my unfortunate weekend trip to Toronto (for my grandfather's funeral - he was a dear, dear, adorable man with the cutest Newfoundland accent you have ever heard, and he will be sorely missed), do some reading, and get my act together for Russia.  This next week is a doozy.

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