Saturday, February 28, 2015

Quiet Torrential Sound

Play #38 - Quiet Torrential Sound by Joan Ackerman

This is a little ten minute play that doesn't have a great flow, but could be kind of fun to perform. Monica and Claire are two sisters on a vacation in the Berkshires. They wander into a cafe after a Beethoven concert in the park, and it is clear almost immediately who is in charge here. Monica - the elder - rhapsodizes about the concert, criticizes her sister, and terrorizes the waiter at every turn. She almost never stops talking or judging for the first half of the play, until Claire takes focus when she decides to confide in her sister that she has begun exploring her own body and has had the excellent experience of multiple orgasms - something Monica really ought to try one of these days. Monica barely listens, continuing to complain about her coffee (was it REALLY decaf?), and planning the rest of their day. The sisters barely manage to connect as they leave to head to the Rockwell museum. It's sort of difficult to follow the flow of the conversation - why Claire decides to bring up what she does when she does isn't particularly clear, but it is sort of fun to see Monica's running commentary on how marvelous and cultured she is interrupted by her sister relating this intimate personal discovery. I can't say that there ends up being a real change or a real trajectory through the course of the short exchange, but there is potential for amusement. And sometimes, that's enough.

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