Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spinal Alignment

Play #34 - Spinal Alignment by Deborah Yarchun

In Spinal Alignment, Donovan and Sheila come back to Donovan's apartment after an OKCupid-initiated 2am McDonald's meet-up. This not-a-date turns into a sort of game of chicken. Who can say the weirdest thing? Who can ruin the date quicker? Who can be off-putting? Who can be depressing? Who can be the person who is doomed to be alone? It's actually sort of a bummer of a play... watching these lonely people grasp at and repel each other because they sort of don't know what else to do. The title comes from the central idea of how many terrible things we put into our bodies or minds or lives, and how even the smallest thing can throw everything out of whack. The internet dating world is full of people with those little things out of whack, just looking for some connection... maybe to set things right (a cosmic chiropractor?), or maybe just to dull the pain for a moment or two.

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