Saturday, February 28, 2015

That All of Us Should Be Fed

Play # 39 (Make-up #8) - That All of Us Should Be Fed by Eliza Anderson

Another ten-minute play about Martha and Sally - two women in 1920. Sally (who is married) has come by Martha's (who is single) in response to a note Martha had left. Sally brings some meat, and assumes that there must be trouble if her rather reclusive neighbor went to the trouble of bringing a note to the house, but it turns out Martha just wants to have tea. Sally isn't sure what to do with this, but she stays, since her husband is going to be coming by to pick her up in an hour anyway. As they drink tea and chat, Sally can't help but tell Martha why the people in town don't like her - as she hasn't lived the life they do, and she doesn't interact with them the way they might wish. Martha confides about a one-night stand she had with a German soldier four years ago. It's a strange little moment of intimacy between these two women who are practically strangers. Nothing much really happens, but there is some good potential for simple, specific connection. The subtext is rich in this little exchange.

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