Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hail the Mighty Sloth!

Number of Steps: 13271 (4.19 mi)

So this morning was another three hour film history lecture in which she breezed through all kinds of different people and films (including an awesomely horrifying “look how great Stalin is” ending to a film from 1949) in order to get us to watch a full film called The Cranes are Flying.  We watched it last year too, but it’s still crazy beautiful.  Unfortunately, we didn’t finish it… so we have to wait a week for the last 20 minutes!  I feel bad for all the people who don’t yet know the end!

After lunch it was back to acting, with a mildly successful etude about an audition.  As usual, we’ve got good specific characters and a good atmosphere, but we’re still circling the idea of a successful event.  Then we had another pretty strong day where teamwork is concerned, though I think it took us a while to get our focus today.  OH!  And one of the games we played was particularly difficult for me… because it was a game in which we had to mill around and the two people who were killers would wink at someone to kill them.  For those of you who are aware of my bizarre winking tic, this proved to be difficult for me.  In fact, I’m winking right now as I type about it.  Trust me folks, it ain’t easy being this neurotic.  And, as my big finish, I was a three-toed sloth crossing the road.  Revel in my inspiration!

We don’t have a show tonight, so some of us went down the block to what turned out to be a GREAT little vegetarian restaurant called Avocado.  It’s a little pricy for the portion size, but it was so flavorful and yummy!  They’ve got a pretty cheap lunch deal, AND they’ve got a bunch of cocktails with fresh juices that I fully plan on partaking in at a later date.  Then most of the group headed to the mall, so I came back to the dorm, grabbed some groceries and settled in for the night. 

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  1. cursed winking...i can only imagine the horror, the absolute, abject horror...ok, that might be a bit over the top...but still

    ...the horror