Monday, June 25, 2012


Number of Steps: 9055 (2.86 mi)

Okay, so at this point, every day is our last one of that day.  So today was our last Monday, tomorrow our last Tuesday, and so on.  Whoa.

Today, our day didn’t start until 2:00 when we met to plan our etude for our 2:30 acting class.  So it was a leisurely morning without such silly things as alarm clocks… which was very nice.  I did get some good work done this morning on our gifts for our teachers, so that’s good.  And then I strolled down Tverskaya to the theatre.

Our etude was fun today, in that we included our teachers in the etude – seating them at one of the tables in our “restaurant.”  Then we discussed the movie we watched as well as Ivanov, which was an interesting discussion.  It’s always amazing to me how well these guys know these five plays – they are in their blood and their bones.  Sergei said he has read the play at least 50 times and practically knows it by heart.  I personally don’t like the play very much – I would have preferred to work on Cherry Orchard, but the consensus was Ivanov, so there you go. 

Then we did some more observation etudes – some went really well.  Mine was not one of those.  I had all these ideas and details planned out, and they went straight out the window.  Who knows why?  Maybe I was just nervous because JT was watching.  Maybe I’m just exhausted.  Whatever the case, it was not my finest moment, and I felt kinda crappy about it.  So I guess that means my next etude is going to have to ROCK.

After class JT and Vanessa and I had a scholarly beer and salty snack fest (JT brought these creepy dried fish things that I watched them eat… they had the tails still on… yikes) while we discussed the last week or so.  Then it was our last potluck – which was not quite as ambitious as some had been before, but still pretty tasty.  And boy, was everyone all kids of silly tonight! 

All in all, today was very low key, which was really needed, because this is going to be one helluva haul to the finish line.  And then it’s Back in the US…Back in the US… Back in the USA!

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