Sunday, June 17, 2012

We're On a Boat! (That's a pop culture reference, right?)

Number of Steps: 20057 (6.33 mi)

This morning I woke up at 6:30 am to head over to Starbucks for a 7:00am skype date with my parents…only to discover that Starbucks doesn’t open until 8:00 on Sundays.  BLARGH.  So, I headed back to the dorm to attempt skyping, but the connection there is lousy, so we decided to wait until 8:00 (10:00pm their time).  Long story short: I could have slept an extra hour on my one day off.  Oh well.  It was really good to talk to my parents once we finally got around to it.

At 10:00 most of the group gathered to head off to the Moscow river for a two hour boat right that was just plain lovely.  There were snacks and beer and JT had his leisurely cigar…and we were blissful in our complete lack of any sort of responsibility for those two hours.  It was a really nice way to spend a morning.   
I have this same picture from last year.  Hooray for boats, beer and beautiful cathedrals!
Then I hopped back on the metro in my den mother/cruise director capacity to grab some tickets for a few of us to see Three Sisters at the Современник (Sovremenik – which means “contemporary”) tonight.  The woman in the box office was not nearly so pleasant as my friend at the Taganka, but I was still successful – returning with tickets that were HALF the price of what the website said was available.  Take that, interwebs!

Then it was back to the dorm for a little down time before the show.  I probably should have done some actual work or something, but I just couldn’t quite motivate any brain activity, so I tried to nap, I played stupid card games…and then it was time to meet up for the show.  So we trucked back over to the theatre – running a little behind schedule, but we made it.  It ended up being a really straightforward, but really lovely show.  I knew the story enough and recognized enough words to really understand most of the show (and speaking of recognizing words, I definitely gave a Russian woman directions to the theatre when I heard her asking for directions outside of the metro station…do I get my Russian citizenship yet?)  It was performed on a raked stage that was also a turntable, so there were some really cool effects, and there was a huge bridge that arched over the front of the stage that they used very well for a lot of the heightened moments of the play.  It was a very romantic, very “Russian” interpretation of the play, and I really dug it.  On our way out, a young woman and her mother introduced themselves to us – they said we were pretty obviously American, and they just wanted to chat, welcome us, see how we liked the show, etc.  Super sweet people!  It was one of many such encounters that many of us have been having this year.  Just another reason we all want to just go ahead and stay.

Then it was back on the metro and back to the dorm for some vodka and blogging.  Note: our freezer is stupid cold…my vodka was actually SOLID.  How often do you have to thaw your booze?

Long story short…today was a good day, and I look forward to my attitude improving throughout the week.  Now it’s back to studying videos of my niece being adorable in preparation for my etude.  Life is hard.

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