Saturday, June 16, 2012

What Day Is It?

Number of Steps: 12888 (3.97 mi)

Today was our first movement class in a week and a half…and damn…it hurt so good.  I spent the morning with my feet behind my head, or balancing all my weight on one shoulder, or sharing my weight with a partner while standing on a chair… I’m totally out of shape, but if I could just do Vladimir’s class every day, I’d be happy!  He makes me feel like I might die, but also like I might be able to do anything…which is one helluva combination!

After that we had a super long lunch, so I ran back to the Taganka theatre to grab two extra tickets to Marat/Sade…which I’ll touch on later.  But it was the same woman in the box office today as yesterday, so she laughed when she saw me, we chatted in Russian (see?  I’m so damn Russian!)  about how now everyone wants to come see the show, and how I’m studying at the MXAT and isn’t that cool… go team me and the ticket lady!

Our acting class today was not our best.  Our etude was not very successful, and we did another music vision quest…which is really not my bag.  But on our concentration parts of the class I was really on today…so I was frustrated when we were told that we were off.  Grr… ah well.  It’s that second week slump I warned everyone about.  It’s not new anymore…and we have been doing this…and we will keep doing this… and we’re all a little exhausted.  But next week we’re going to rock the socks off of this place, and then the following week it’s the last week!  WHAT!?!?

We did finish up class with partner animal etudes, which was a lot of fun.  For mine, I was my darling kitty Chloe, and one of the other girls in the group was my darling (but oh so stupid) kitten Tilly.  It went pretty well.  Oh… and we have each been secretly assigned a member of the group who we are to observe and create an etude around for Wednesday.  This should be fascinating.  More on this later, I’m sure.

We had an hour for dinner after class before hopping on the metro back to the Tangaka (my third time in two days).  It was an hour and a half… and the show was so fun and physical!  But the woman who played the lead… well… what can you say but HOLY CRAP!  Can she sing?  Yup.  Can she tap dance?  Yup.  Can she walk across a surface that lies somewhere between balance beam and tight rope?  Yup.  Can she play the violin?  Yup.  Can she play someone else’s violin too?  Yup.  Can she do acrobatics and tumbling?  Yup.  Can she play a horn while lying on her back and being carried by two giant dudes over their heads?  Yup.  I mean… seriously… I was waiting for her to knit a sweater with her eyebrow!  She was ridiculous!

Then we came back to the dorm and pretty much everyone in the world went out for a night on the town…except me…because I’m the den mother.  But I did have a wee bit o’ vodka and grapefruit juice while I blogged… so there ya go.

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