Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Light Day?

Today was sort of a low-key day with no show in the evening, and only half of the group having singing class, so I had the morning to myself… which meant that, instead of doing something like sleeping in or working on my paper, I ran around in circles getting tickets for the rest of the group.  I was able to pick up 11 tickets for a puppet show for Tuesday (5 folks will be seeing Вишневый Сад [The Cherry Orchard] at the MXAT, so I wanted to find something else for the group.  The lady at the counter was adorable – I was very effective in communicating what I wanted – the number of tickets, the price, etc.  But I think that I may have been too agreeable, and she was worried that I was just saying “yes” to everything, so before she printed the tickets, she wrote down the number and the price and held them up to me – yes… it was exactly what I had asked for.  We’re communicating, adorable box office lady, don’t be afraid!  Then I headed over to a different theatre to get 8 tickets to Смерть Жирафа (Death of Giraffe) on Saturday – another piece by Dmitry Krymov – the director who did Auction and As You Like It that we’ve already seen.  It’s a weird little piece that I saw two years ago…I’m looking forward to seeing if I understand any more of it this time around!  On Saturday the other half of the group will be attending Синее Чудовище (Blue Monster) at the Satirikon, so we’re all pretty busy!  I also grabbed myself a ticket to a new production of Кориолан (Coriolanus) which is playing on a night when everyone else is seeing something I've already seen twice.  I do like the show they're seeing, but I'm really curious about this production, so I figure I will deliver them to the theatre that night, and then head off to my own weird little Russian theatre experience.  I'm really looking forward to that little treat for myself!
Then we had acting class wherein we spent a good thirty minutes gushing to Sergei about the Seagull we had seen the night before, before getting into training and etudes.  There were some pretty good ones today.  A koala and a peacock made particularly good showings today!
Then we headed back to the dorm for our potluck/group meeting/me taking everyone’s money to go get more tickets tomorrow.  I’m definitely earning my keep this time around!

The evening culminated in chatting instead of working (oops) and then sitting in the stairwell so I could get enough internet to send an email to a theatre with which I have been corresponding entirely in Russian (GO ME!).  Apparently this was the time that all the Russian students were coming home, so it was a little awkward… but whatcha gonna do?  Our internets are behaving badly… I will do what must be done!

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