Friday, June 28, 2013

The End is Here

Well… as of today, the formal elements of our association with the MXAT are at an end.  We started off with our final film history class wherein we followed Russian film up to what is happening today.  We grabbed a photo and a quick lunch – the PhDs spent lunch with JT talking about what we’ve learned this week – and then we met back up for our acting class conferences.  This is an opportunity for each of us to sit individually with Sergei and Ilja and hear about what they observed over the course of the month.  It’s a really lovely little tradition where we have the chance to “look each other in the eye once more,” as Sergei says and just check in on the whirlwind that has been our month in Moscow. 
After my conference, I hoofed it back to the dorm in the sweltering heat, picked up some bags of bizarrely flavored Lay’s chips for my friend Peter, took a shower, and did a little work on my paper.  Unfortunately, the internet has been down since late last night, so I’m not able to do a lot of things that I would like to do – like post to my blog, for example – but it was not to be.  So I typed a little anyway, worked on my script a bit, made some dinner, and got ready for our penultimate night at the theatre!  This time around it was Носорог (Rhinoceros) at the Fomenko.  It’s an imaginative, funny, exciting production… though the second act does get bogged down in French philosophy… a lot.

On the way out of the theatre we encountered a giant rainstorm, so we ran for the metro, got soaked, made our way home, and I had some late night pasta and ice cream.  Then I squatted in the second floor stairwell… which is where I had to go in order to get any damn internet.  But still, overall, it was a pretty good day.  

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