Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Master, Margarita, and ME!

This morning started out with our last movement class… always such a sad day!  We did so much today and pushed ourselves even farther in the work than we have.  I’m really proud of the progress this group has made together in that class (and in all of our work – but it might be most tangible in that class I guess.  The class was concluded with us presenting Vladimir with a framed photo of us, and then subjecting him to an endless stream of pictures.From there, it was time for another installment of theatre history with Anatoly.  Today he sort of just let us fire questions at him about the documentary we had watched, but unfortunately, sometimes our questions are not worded super clearly, and the language gap is palpable as he assumes we entirely misunderstood the documentary, and then gallops off down some random – albeit fascinating – road.At lunch I did my very last run-around-getting-tickets day.  And it was a good one.  This time I was getting tickets for Женитьба (Marriage) at a separate theatre run by ОлегТабаков (Oleg Tabakov) – who is also the artistic director of the MXAT.  The thing is, his box office is sort of off the beaten path, and his shows are performed at different theatres all over town, which complicates matters even further.  Now, I had been emailing and talking on the phone (in Russian, remember?) with a delightful woman in the box office for a few days, but I had never been to this theatre, so I got a little lost on the way there, but eventually found where I was going – and Гелена (Helena) was probably the single most delightful box office person I have dealt with in all my time in Moscow… and possibly in all my time going to the theatre period.  She was super friendly and super helpful, she even came out of the box office and around to the lobby to mark the location of the theatre on the map in my guidebook.  And when we finished our conversation, we both were so proud of ourselves and each other for our success that we had a sort of shared moment of celebration in which I think we may actually have cheered for each other.  I love this woman… so much so that I’m planning on writing a letter to the theatre about her epic awesomeness!Acting class proved to be more successful than yesterday in a lot of ways.  Our group etudes were really fun and right up the alley of what Sergei was looking for.  Our group training went pretty well (except for the un-awesome moment when, during a game that I hate which involves everyone running around and flailing at each other in order to get a tennis ball, a group of about four people all fell on me, bruising and floor burning me into next Tuesday), and we were on track.  Our Seagull etudes were interesting – not nearly as detailed as they should be, but all asking cool questions about the play.  So we’ve got that going for us.Then, after an uneventful dinner break, we met up to see The Master and Margarita at the MXAT.  I saw the previews of this show two years ago when I had just read the novel for the first time… and was totally blown away.  Seeing the show today… it was even more astounding.  The production is wildly technologically advanced, using every bell and whistle available on one of the most advanced stages in the world.  Every element is so carefully constructed and choreographed… there is live video, recorded video, sets that move in every possible direction… from the Metro to the moon to an asylum and even The Last Supper… everything everything everything is just a feast for the senses… and it all builds the narrative too!  Imagine that!So, with some of the bitchin’-est stage pictures we will probably ever see dancing through my head… I will now attempt to think of a brilliant etude for tomorrow…and maybe I’ll get some sleep too.  Maybe…

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