Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Buying the Farm

Play #95 - Buying the Farm by Lezlie Revelle

Okay... little old ladies can be awesome. Here, we have Gladys, Myrna, and Vivian (all over 60) who are talking to a young reporter named Ruth about what it's like to realize that you are old. They talk about feeling invisible, the crazy things they did to try to retain their youth, or to make themselves feel seen. Mostly they act a lot older and feebler than they really are to get attention - even sneaking into nursing homes just to have some conversation. But today, they're taking things a little further. They've decided to rob a bank so that they can have the capital to buy a farm to turn into a commune for old people like them. Ruth is first disbelieving, then appalled. But when she finds out about the fourth member of their team - her own grandmother - she changes her tune and agrees to help them.

It's sort of a fun twist on the 60-is-the-new-whatever idea. Certainly 60 isn't nearly as old as it once was, but the way our society worships youth, there is a lot of truth to the feelings of being ignored or invisible that the women describe. So heck, why not take advantage of it?

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