Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Snow White Zombie

Play #110 - Snow White Zombie by Brenton Lengel

Okay, I know I said I was reading 365 plays by women... but this one has zombies. My hands are tied.

Also, it has recently struck me that I am very well versed in the plays of contemporary women writers, but not so much with the menfolk...so I will probably throw a few dudes in the mid from time to time. Ah...token dudes for a change!


It's 28 days after the zombie Apocalypse has come to Snow White's forest, and things aren't going too well. Prince Charming fights his way through the zombie hordes. So does Rapunzel...who seems to be quite the badass. When Prince Charming finds Snow White sleeping he kisses her and she awakens. Rapunzel points out the problem with that particular behavior at this point in time. But it seems Prince Charming tends to turn his charm on any woman in eyesight...possible zombie or not. Snow White wakes up all grateful, idealistic, and clingy. Rapunzel rolls her eyes and tells Snow White she can have him. But when the zombie wolves begin to advance, Snow White goes off on her own with hatchet in hand. Prince Charming gets distracted by Sleeping Beauty...who is also a zombie. He, of course, fails to notice this until Rapunzel saves him from being eaten with a well placed headshot. Good thing he's so charming!

I found this play really fun! The prologue would be such a fun exercise in stage violence. And pretty much any time you put a zombie in a story, I'm there.

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