Friday, April 17, 2015


Play #97 - Redemption by Lisa Bruna

He is in a deli, waiting on his date to come back from the bathroom. She is his ex-girlfriend who decides to interrupt said date. They banter back and forth, until She comes to the crux of her seeking him out. It seems that, while cleaning out his old sock drawer, she came across a sexy valentine from the past that included a coupon redeemable for certain... romantic activities. Neither of them remembers giving or receiving the card, but both assume it was from the other. They argue a bit, seduce each other a little bit, taunt each other a little bit, and in the end, when She points out that his date has clearly left him in a lurch, they decide to take the coupon out for a spin.

The script isn't bad - it's kind of a cute exchange that might be good for undergrad actors. But I wouldn't say it's a particularly original scene either. 

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