Friday, April 3, 2015

Three Ring Platform

Play #83 - Three Ring Platform by Kate Kertez

Okay, this was actually kind of cute. Rachel and Frank are two strangers waiting for the subway that never seems to want to come. Rachel is already late for a date and Frank is plenty early on his way to a gig. Rachel is feeling a little high strung, so she begins talking, just in general at first, and then sort of in Frank's general direction. After a while, she realizes that he has been reacting, but not speaking, and she begins to get worried. But he quickly explains (via his notebook) that he is not speaking because he's saving his voice for his upcoming gig as a clown. Yes - he's a clown. They chat for a while, and then they even play for a little - and eventually they decide to play a friendly game of hangman.

It's a charming little progression, and the device of having only Rachel speak is a good challenge for both performers. And it could probably be cut up into a decent monologue or two. 

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