Monday, April 20, 2015


Play #100 - Sol by Lynda Green

June and George work in a small office in the middle of the jungle - it's a satellite office of sorts for the corporation Sol Systems. George is just finishing up his shift as June arrives for hers at sunrise. It's not clear exactly what they do here, but it involves pulling a lever and turning a large wheel every time a series of lights and alarms go off. They've apparently been doing this for a while, but today, June has had it. She arrives wearing unapproved clothing, and with a sense of frustration and defeat. George may be perfectly chipper, but June is miserable. The have requested a third person to work at the office, to relieve them from their rotating twelve hour shifts, but when the mail arrives (dropped from somewhere in a big canvas bag) with a letter denying their request (not to mention all of the mail that June had sent - opened and redacted), she is ready to leave. She begins to pack up, but George tells her there is no way for her to leave. It turns out that the company is bugging them, and that they will hunt her down and bring her back if she tries to leave. She argues that their job doesn't actually do anything, that the story that they are keeping the sun in the sky is just a ruse. So the next time the alarms go off, she refuses to pull the lever and turn the wheel, and she holds George at gunpoint to prevent him from doing so as well. At first, it seems that there was no effect... but then things start to get dark... what have they done?

People in a small office in a jungle, pushing a button to save the world every time an alarm goes off? Honestly, this is really just a truncated version of season 2 of Lost. But it could be fun - particularly if the lever and wheel are imposing enough.

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