Friday, April 10, 2015

In the Ninth Month

Play #91 (Make-up #19) - In the Ninth Month by Maiken Wiese

This is actually a pretty funny little play about Joan - a VERY pregnant woman who has come out to a cocktail party. At this party she runs into her friend Anya - a skinny, sexy, professional woman in her 20s who talks about having a baby like an accessory or a chihuahua. She also runs into Maggie and Fred - who know EVERYTHING that anyone ever needs to know about babies. Maggie has all sorts of opinions about childbirth and child rearing, and she has no problem telling everyone about every single one of them. Fred, on the other hand, spends most of his time with his ear or mouth pressed up against Joan's belly, speaking in simpering baby talk to the fetus. And then there's the cater water, who either ignores Joan, or lectures her about how she can't have wine or non-pasteurized cheese. Finally, just when Joan thinks she can't take it anymore, in comes Perpetually Pregnant Woman, the estrogenic superstar! She freezes time and teaches Joan a few key phrases to take back her autonomy in this social situation, which, once the party is unfrozen, Joan takes full advantage of.

I have often talked to pregnant friends of mine about the weird behaviors they encounter from other people, and I feel like most of them would probably have enjoyed a visit from this estrogenic superstar at one time or another.

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