Tuesday, April 21, 2015

When Predator Dies

Play #101 - When Predator Dies by Catya McMullen

Alexander, Henry, and Jacob are waiting for their fourth roommate Anabelle to come home. They have some questions about some strange behavior she has been exhibiting lately. So when she walks in the door, they sit her down as if staging an intervention. It turns out that, for several nights, they have been hearing strange sounds coming from her room late at night, and strong odors too. Finally, she explains that she has been sitting up at night watching sad movies and cutting onions so that the can have deep, cathartic cries. She says this has opened her up artistically (she's a painter) and just makes her feel better. Henry and Jacob decide they'd like to try too, so the three of them sit around thinking about sad movie moments, cutting onions, and crying. They continue on to moments of great beauty - like the first time seeing the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona, for example (I can totally identify with that, by the way). And eventually, Alexander finds his way into sobbing along with the group too.

I sort of loved his script. It's sort of silly and relatable in all the right ways. I like the dynamic of the roommates, I like the idea that Anabelle is manufacturing emotional catharsis for herself. I like the list of things that make them want to cry. And Anabelle actually has a pretty decent monologue to boot.

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