Sunday, April 19, 2015


Play #99 - Destiny by Patricia Henritze

Jody and May sit outside a reception hall drinking beer - Jody in her wedding dress, May in her bridesmaid's dress. Despite it being Jody's wedding, Jody seems a bit depressed. The two women chat about destiny and how they ended up where they did, and even consider running away to Alaska together. Finally, they are left sitting on the stoop, pondering the trip to Alaska that will probably never happen, and with the suggestion that May wishes Jody were marrying her instead of her husband.

There is a sort of wistful charm about this little script. I particularly like the conversation about how we end up where we do. It is our thoughts, according to May, that shape our lives. However we look at the world is how it will be. Seems pretty insightful to me. And even for a play about someone who just got married, the conversation centers much more around these women and their lives than it does around the man of the piece, so I appreciate that too.

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