Saturday, March 28, 2015

Buy and Buy

Play #74 - Buy and Buy by Pamela Monk

Ah, parenthood. All the things that parents want for their children - and yet ultimately have no control over. That's the subject of Buy and Buy. Prefera and her Puppet companion go to the titular store in search of a destiny for her unborn child. First she goes to the Less is More department, where Grit attempts to sell her on destinies such as Bag Lady, Alcoholic and Dog Walker. From here, she moves up to the second floor and the More is Less department, where Evel discusses the ups and downs of destinies such as CEO, President, and Heiress (madcap or sought-after). Up to the third floor, where Tune sings a little ditty in the More or Less the Same department about the fact that there is little to no control for a parent, and they should just love their child. None of this is satisfying for Prefera, so she heads up to complain to Chuck in the More and Less department where he explains that she can complain all she wants, but everyone ends up with ups and downs, so she'll just have to pick something. So Prefera turns to her Puppet for advice... and then they both turn to the fetus... who doesn't answer.

Destinies, it turns out, are tricky.

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