Thursday, March 5, 2015

Love Poem #98

Play #48 - Love Poem #98 by Regina Taylor

The characters in this tiny little play are Emmanuel, Mary the whore and Mary the wife (played by the same woman). There's a film noir feel to the whole thing, with first Emmanuel narrating, then his dramatic encounter with Mary the whore, followed by Mary the wife's narration. There is mystery and excitement to Mary the whore - she is covered in scars from her various lovers, she has been marked by life and when she sings, we can't help but hear the scars in her voice. Emmanuel is transfixed by her. Mary the wife, on the other hand, is faithful and reliable, but does not hold the mysterious appeal. But it turns out that Mary the wife has secrets of her own, and perhaps a little more in common with Mary the whore than her dear husband might think. This would be a great little piece to use when discussing atmosphere and genre with a class.

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  1. Please explain the ending and the connection between Mary (whore) and Mary (Wife).