Saturday, March 21, 2015

Small Talk

Play #65 (sort of) - Small Talk by Annie Sizemore

Today, I was at the MATC conference pretty much all day, so I didn't really have time to sit down to read a play. That said, I read, watched, and generally interacted with SIX new scripts today. I performed in a staged reading of Teenage Jesus by Matt Fotis and watched a staged reading of An Incarnation of Silence by Andy O. Vaught. Then, this evening, I watched cold readings of Mavis Rents a VHS by Joseph Stollenwerk, Physics and Tea by Ross Peter Nelson, and Small Talk by Annie Sizemore; and I performed in a cold reading of The New and Improved Business Model of Chunks and Bits by William Palmer. I even met a playwright who has promised to send me one of her plays for me to blog about later! So it was a good day as far as new plays go. Still, in the interest of keeping up my 365 plays by women in 365 days... here's a little info about Small Talk by Annie Sizemore:

It was a cute little piece in which Patrick is waiting at a coffee shop for a date that we find out later is with his brother's former college girlfriend, who he finally felt comfortable setting up with Patrick because of his successful marriage. Gee... sounds like a dreamy start to a relationship, eh? Well, Patrick is more than a little awkward, so he's sitting in the coffee shop waiting for his date and practicing possible opening lines. When a woman (Becca) sits down at the next table, he does check to see if she is the date, but when she turns out not to be, he asks her advice on his opening lines - she soundly rejects them both. They go on to talk about dating and fakeness, she gives him advice, and, when his date actually arrives, he appears to take the advice as he goes over to her. Of course, however, his exchange with Becca has changed his perspective, and he sent the late, inconsiderate chick packing so that he could ask out Becca instead. It was, as the playwright admitted, a bit cliche, but charming nonetheless. 

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