Saturday, March 21, 2015

Status Update

Play #66 - Status Update by Jamie Pachino

Ah technology. We just can't seem to trust it, but boy... we can't live without it. In Status Update, Bobby and Liz are in bed together as Liz contemplates whether or not to set her facebook relationship status to "In a Relationship." It's a big deal, this public declaration to her 742 closest friends. Bobby, who doesn't have a facebook and doesn't let her post photos of him, doesn't get the gravity of the situation. He prods her about the bizarre phenomenon of having 742 friends and this prodding progresses into a bit of a fight. This fight prompts Liz to accept a friend request from an ex, but as she clicks through this ex's profile, she gets a little surprise: it turns out that Bobby not only DOES have an online profile; he also has another name... and a wife. His whole luddite act has been an attempt to keep his dating life separate from his married life. So Liz does the only thing she can think to do: she sends a friend request to his wife.

The short play is sort of cute, if a little contrived. I am sort of amused by the idea that the only reason anyone would not have an online presence is if they are fictional.

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