Monday, March 30, 2015

Little Birds

Play #79 (Make-up #18) - Little Birds by Joy McCullough-Carranza

It's 1964 and Wally, Jerrie and Myrtle are the first Anerican women to set foot on the moon. They're sitting there together, quietly, doing nothing in particular...just sitting on a makeshift bemch on the surface of the moon. It turns out that they seem to have been left here by their male counterparts on the mission. After all their effort, they made it to the moon only to be marooned...they think it's been 42 days now. They discuss the possible excuses that the men might use when they return home without the women. They throw blame around - especially at Jerrie, who had been the champion of this particular endeavor. But eventually, they arrive at the decision that flying was in each of their souls from the start, and if they have to die, this might not be such a bad way to go.'s back to the waiting.

This is really a surprisingly sad piece for the silliness of the situation.  Even in outer space, we can't escape the glass ceiling?

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