Friday, March 13, 2015


Play #58 - Waffles by Martha Garvey

Today was a surprisingly busy day. So I decided to go for another short play. Waffles is a sweet, compelling scene about a young-ish married couple - Betsy and Joe - ordering dinner at a diner. Joe is having a bit of a hard time remembering some salient details, however, because he has a brain tumor. He keeps notes on cards and even on his skin to try to keep track of things, but it never quite seems to be enough. They try to stay positive and supportive for each other, but that never quite seems to be enough either. Betsy, it seems, was told by their Slavic oncologist that brain cancer is like syrup on a waffle - you can turn the waffle on its side and scrape off all the syrup, but the syrup has already seeped into the waffle and changed it forever. And it is this change that they are having to deal with - regardless of the outcome of the illness. Can they do it together? Can they deal with the way it has fundamentally changed them?

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