Sunday, March 1, 2015

Lynette Has Beautiful Skin

Play #42 (Make-up #10) - Lynette Has Beautiful Skin by Jane Anderson

In this ten-minute play, Larry, Bobby and Lynette are out at a pizza parlor. Bobby and Lynette are a couple, and Larry is trying to tell them about the new girl he has been seeing - Judy. However, he isn't trying too hard to tell and they aren't trying too hard to listen. Bobby and Lynette do a lot more messing with each other's food, wrestling with each other, giggling, flirting, etc. They are only occasionally interested in what's happening with Larry - usually about the time that he says he should probably head home. But as Larry tries to get perspective on his young relationship, he forces Bobby and Lynette to reflect on the early days of theirs, which seems to leave them a little put out in the end. It's really a sort of problematic relationships as far as I can tell, since it mostly involves Bobby doing things that are designed to annoy Lynette, and Lynette telling him to stop. They remind me more of playful monkeys than of people who have been in a relationship for five years. Perhaps they realize that? I don't know.

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