Friday, March 27, 2015


Play #73 - Supernova by Gemma Irish

A poetic play about endings and changes in relationships. Dylan (named after Bob Dylan and Dylan Thomas) has just broken up with Ana. Both of them miss the other, but neither knows quite how to deal with the new broken up state. Dylan goes to hang out with his former roommate Lee. Lee lets him ramble on about how much he misses Ana, but eventually he brings up something else. Apparently there had been a bit of a romantic past between Lee and Dylan, and it is something that Lee is interested in rekindling. Dylan, however, is not. In the next scene, Ana comes to Lee's apartment looking for Dylan, just to see how it feels to see him. As they talk, Lee confesses that he too has feelings for Dylan, and that there had been a few encounters between the two of them. At first this angers Ana, but then they start to commiserate over the ways in which Dylan makes himself to attractive to them. Eventually, they decide that maybe he doesn't deserve all the attention they give him, and that they should move on. On an impulse, Lee kisses Ana. This turns out to be pleasant for both of them, and they decide to follow the moment to see where it leads. This leaves Dylan on his own, on a street corner, leaving a message for Ana, reaching out for one of those people who gave him meaning by needing him.

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