Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Turtle Beach

Play #62 - Turtle Beach by Aoise Stratford

This is a cute little play about the emotional toll of motherhood as told by two sea turtles - May and Beverly - coming ashore to lay their eggs. Beverly is an old hand at the process, having made this trek 19 times so far, but May is a first-timer. She is full of wonderment and idealism, taking time to pause and look at the beauty of the moon and the beach and whatnot. Beverly wants nothing to do with all this impracticality. Her only goal is to work her way over to the dunes, dig out a nest, lay her eggs, and head back to the safety of the sea. But this is precisely the issue May is having: how can she leave her babies so far from the safety of the sea? How can she leave them at all? How is that fair? Beverly explains that this is just the way it works for turtles, and that all of motherhood - for all species - is pretty much a cocktail of risk and hope. 

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