Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Green Dating

Play #71 - Green Dating by Chantal Bilodeau

This is kind of a silly little play about two teens named simply Boy and Girl. At rise, they are enthusiastically making out. When they finally come up for air, they start to talk about how intense their feelings are, much as you might expect any teenagers to do. As they talk, they test the waters of talking about taking things a little further. When they agree that they would like to, Girl takes the air out of things: she asks Boy to get tested. Boy is taken aback - of course he's clean! How could she dare asking him something like this!?! The argument escalates, until we discover that the test she is interested in is of his carbon footprint. Ooh... bait and switch. It's kind of a silly gag, and not really enough of a payoff to make the play successful in my opinion. It's sort of cute, but not, in my opinion, quite as clever as I think it thinks it is.

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