Monday, March 30, 2015


Play #78 - Maneater by Janet Zarecor

Felicia and Alan are on a great date. They met through an online dating site, and they just clicked. It's now almost 7 o' clock, and they've been here in Alan's apartment since 4, just talking and kissing. They chat in broad terms about their disappointing past relationships - how they have both, historically, been "relationship killers." Of course...for one of them this turns out to be literally the case. And then...the whole thing starts over again with a new date. It's the same time of night, the same deep connection, but with a new topic of conversation: the string of cannibalistic murders associated with members of this dating site.

Honestly, the twist was a little predictable, but sort of in that charming way that makes you feel smart for figuring out the gag. I feel like I should collect a handful of these twisted short plays...could make for a really fun evening of theatre!

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