Monday, June 23, 2014

Little old Lady from Tverskaya

Singing at 10:00am is not always the easiest undertaking, but the group really brought it this morning.  Lots of big steps forward for people.  And lots of fun choreography.  Marina noted after our big group number ("All That Jazz, which we choreographed in about half an hour last night in someone's dorm room) that, even as talented as their students are, they tend to have a hard time with singing and dancing together.  I found the discussion very interesting, since musical theatre is always talked about as THE American theatre form.  It's interesting that there's enough of a cultural difference to make our ability to deal with its unique requirements stronger than these exemplary Russian students.  Well... I guess if we can come out on top anywhere, we should be super proud!

After singing class I had planned on running out to a theatre to pick up tickets for anyone who wanted to see a show on Thursday... but no one wanted to see it.  That made life easier for me, so I just hung out and watched dance class.  I am always fascinated by the Russian dance work when we're able to fit that in.  I would imagine that the MXAT students would school us pretty hard core on that, because man... all that stomping and hopping... it's just a little over my head.

We then had a shortened lunch break today because today is graduation for the MXAT acting students, so Sergei and Ilja had to go give their students diplomas.  But rather than cutting off our class altogether, Sergei gave the group an interesting assignment: they are to perform The Seagull tomorrow in 10-15 minutes.  So they spent the next 2 1/2 hours working on planning out how to do that.  There were some really interesting ideas thrown around.  I tried to pipe in here and there with advice or insights into the play, but I made sure to let them make it their own.  I'm very interested to see what they come up with for tomorrow!

Then, because we had no show tonight, I headed back to the dorm.  Right now, almost all of the students are out at a graduation party for the MXAT students.  I considered going, but I'm no good in social situations like that, and I'm so much older than everyone, and I don't have clothes that even approximate the level of fancy schmancy that the students pulled out for tonight... so I decided to just stay close to the homestead, do a little reading and editing, and have a nice cold beer.  I think I've earned it!

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