Saturday, June 28, 2014

The End---ish

Today was our final movement class, which is always one of the toughest goodbyes, because Vladimir is made out of magic and sunshine, and the things that we are able to do when we are with him are just plain crazy!  Then we had acting evaluations with Ilja, which was very cool.  It was the first year that I sat in and heard all of them, which was a really wonderful experience.  The teachers here don't just talk to hear themselves talk (I mean, I'm sure some do... but ours don't).  They have only had a month with these kids, and yet they have such wonderful, constructive insights into the work that they've done and the challenges that they can set for themselves to keep momentum moving forward.  I have to say, I was so proud listening to him talk to these kids - many of whom were my students when they were wee baby freshmen, and all of whom I love dearly.  They worked their butts off this month, they learned, they grew... and they're gonna keep going.

Then... well... that was that.  There were many pictures taken, and then I had a quiet early evening to myself before heading out with the group and our wonderful administrator Katya for a couple drinks and some World Cup (I watched only about the last 5 minutes of the game, but Brazil vs. Chile was pretty intense).  It was really a very fun evening, followed up with an awesome (albeit sort of choppy) skype date with my mom before I melted into bed... which is what I am going to do about five minutes after I post this.

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